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Upcycling, recycling, zero-waste, sustainability – if you’re familiar with these concepts, think about buying a recycled rug. Flexible and lightweight rugs with a simple design, eye-catching colours and a wide choice of sizes will be appreciated by minimalists, who are sensitive to the fate of our environment.
Our offer includes recycled carpets made of cotton, leather and jeans. These materials were intercepted from the fashion industry, which generates huge amounts of waste, which sooner or later would be deposited in landfills. The carpet you buy could have been a beautiful dress that surrounded the body of a famous model!
Such rugs are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, but also as an interesting addition to any room.
An equally interesting proposal are carpets for balcony / terrace, which are woven from plastic yarn made of PET bottles caught from the Indian Ocean! They are resistant to all weather conditions and will work well both at home and outdoors.
All our recycled carpets are Global Recycle Standard certified.

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