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During the party, someone knocks a glass of red wine on the carpet – during play the child smears on the carpet its paints – the dog runs in with dirty paws from the court straight to the living room – during a family lunch the sauce boat accidentally lands on the floor. What are you doing in this situation? You run to the kitchen/bathroom for soap or dishwashing liquid and use them to remove the stain – unfortunately there is a very high chance that you will destroy the structure of the fabric, or at least make the colors bleach. The second option: you leave the stain and call the carpet-cleaning service, but before it gets washed, the stain soaks into the structure of the fabric for good and is no longer possible to remove completely. Potential scenarios that can deprive your carpet of its original beauty are numerous, and even with great caution, you can not be sure that they will never happen. If you have a beautiful rug or a carpet (eg from our offer), we suggest you get a professional carpet cleaning product, which in case of an emergency, will be at hand and will be able to effectively remove most stains, without interfering with the structure of the fabric.

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