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The collection consists of even 100-year-old, renovated, woolen, hand-woven Persian uniques. Their formation is a time-consuming and fascinating process thanks to which carpets represent the highest quality of workmanship and outstanding aesthetic qualities. To get to your home, the carpet has been cleaned and repaired, then it will go through the process of natural decolourisation, staying a few months in the sun. At the end, he underwent controlled aging, natural dyeing and final cleaning. Rugs from this collection are kept in vintage styling – they look like old, worn carpets. They are thin and very heavy, thanks to which they do not deform under the weight of furniture and do not move on the floor – they are practically indestructible. They are also very easy to clean and resistant to dirt. Persian rugs will be a perfect choice for people who want originality, high quality and practicality.

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